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At The Ozzarks we believe that the elements should not stop you from experiencing a Team Survival Experience in Latvia's beautiful nature!  In terms of building teams and developing leadership skills, we believe the colder it gets the greater the acceleration in trust.  You lose your sense of self and think only of the well being of your team.

This experience works very to help align a team that is beginning to fragment or become dysfunctional. It also helps humanise a team, should the atmosphere within your team dynamics begin to become somewhat stale and overly 'functional'.

  • Needing to align your team that is not working to its optimum? 

  • Want to really focus on solving a challenging problem(s) from a different outlook?     

  • Thinking of increasing your team size?


Why not invite potential employees / new recruits on a TEAM SURVIVAL experience to monitor how well they fit in with the current team and whether or not they are suited for the role.

Key Learning Points
    •    Survival and Bushcraft Skills - building fires & shelters

    •    Outdoor Dining Experience - foraging for ingredients & basics in hunting / fishing
    •    Reflecting on our relationship with digital technology. (we recommend that this is a phone free experience)
    •    Embracing creativity and mindfulness as well as overcoming fear
    •    Crisis management and cohesive decision making
    •    Valuing personal interaction and offline relations



    •    Increased well-being
    •    Reevaluated relationship with digital technology
    •    Increased creativity and efficiency
    •    Enhanced team work and personal relations
    •    Increased morale and synergy for all teams
    •    Teams have experienced a trust and friend acceleration initiative that works!

You Will Receive
    •    English-speaking Event Manager
    •    Professional tuition from Instructors
    •    Tailored programme
    •    Food during the hike & 'Dinner Team Survival Style' in the woods
    •    All necessary equipment 
    •    Photo and video souvenir of the expedition.

When you are looking for options for your teambuilding event, quite many options come around. It was the personalised experience and the amazing team that made the decision easy. The organisers were all-in to make the experience valuable and authentic. If you are adventurous, ready to step out of your comfort zone and feel connected to your team again, this is the right choice.

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