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Grand Resort Vilnius Inspection Visit - August 2021


It has been over 10 years since I last experienced the amazing Vilnius Grand Resort. I was keen to see what has been changed and modified and The Vilnius Grand Resort team kindly invited me back to "experience it to believe it".


Below is the video I created from my first visit. I apologise for the cheesy soundtrack and rather shakey shots...both with the camera and golf club :) But I think it does give quite a nice overview of how calming and relaxing the resort is. (Please note at the time of video being produced the Hotel was called Le Meriden, since then it has become the Vilnius Grand Resort).


On arrival, I met with the very personable Director of Sales Nerijus Pilipavicius to view the range of meeting rooms and conference facilities. The meeting rooms are bathed in natural light and the long balconies are perfect to enable people to break up meetings to take a deep breath of fresh air and appreciate the view of the stunning grounds. 

What also is fantastic is the fact that coffee and lunch can be served in adjoining rooms. Ideal for leadership team action plan off-sites and training workshops.

Should you want to include an element of team building within your program, the on-site facilities are perfect for connecting your team and having some fun. Activities could include an introduction to golf,  wake-park, photo orienteering or a team Olympics just to name a few.

The V-Club golf course is a challenging but beautiful course.  For golfers of a reasonable level - course management is crucial to avoid losing too many balls.  (Fortunately, during a jog around the course on Sunday morning I managed to find a couple of balls to compensate for the number I lost during my round the previous day :)) The newly developed Club House serves delicious food and provides another opportunity for your team to enjoy the simple pleasures in life after a round of golf.

But perhaps you would simply like to relax?

The biggest transformation since my last visit is the newly developed SPA. In a word it is AMAZING. With up to 22 treatment rooms, a range of pools, a number of saunas, experience areas, and outdoor bathing area - the €12 million development leaves a lasting impression.  I have not had an opportunity to experience a spa with this level of style and comfort in the 15 years of working in the industry.  


Should you be interested in experiencing the Vilnius Grand Resort with your Golf Society or leadership team, Travel Out There would be delighted to ensure you have a remarkable time.





The Grand Resort lakes (there are 2) are perfect for rowing, paddling, swimming, name it, you can do it :)

Our suggested program would look like something like this:

Day 1:

Morning: Arrival at Grand Resort

Lunch at the Bora Bora restaurant

Afternoon: Vilnius Sightseeing

Evening: Dinner in Vilnus

Day 2:

Morning: Golf at the V-Club

Lunch at Golf Club House

Afternoon: Relax in Spa

Evening: Dinner at the Bora Bora restaurant

Day 3:

Morning: Visit Trakai:

Lunch: Catch your own Fish restaurant

Afternoon: Golf at Capitals Golf Course

Evening: Dinner at Belemontas

Day 4:


Vilnius Grand Resort - you have to 'experience it to believe it'


Vilnius Grand Resort
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