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Ozzarks Venue
To Retain, Attract & Develop your Talent!

Experience The best of both worlds!


An Off-Site in nature situated on the remarkable Ozo Golf Course in Riga

For teams of up to around 15 people, Ozzarks Off-Sites has partnered with an exclusive venue, just 15 minutes from Riga centre, for a team or company off-site in style. You have everything you need, exclusively under one roof, to ensure your 3 or 4 night experience is a productive as well as enjoyable experience.

We will ensure you optimise the valuable and quality time that you are all together. Helping you foster trust and embrace creativity, essential qualities for a successful and happy team. On the first floor of one of the villas is a restaurant / lounge that may be easily adjusted to the scope of the event. On the first floor of the second room is a spa and meditation room for your team to relax and reflect.


We have 7 rooms with separate beds that can accommodate up to 15 participants. Within the territory of the guesthouse you will find a swimming spot, Ozo Golf Course, picnic / BBQ area and very close access to the wonderful Mezaparks.

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