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8 steps to developing a high performing and happy team.

What is the essence of leading a team and creating a winning culture. A culture that gets you through uncertain and changing times and enables the team to achieve is mission, and turns aspirations to achievement? 

How do you build a high performance, winning team with smiles on their faces? 

How do you get a team to support each other and deal with whatever gets thrown at them?


Three important questions, and three essentials for any manager or leader to crack. Having the right culture, behaviours and mindset is absolutely at the heart of success in business today. Caspar Craven in this incredibly enlightening, entertaining and brilliantly practical and inspirational Masterclass will show you just how you can nail the above with your own teams. He, will not only share with you his powerful and inspiring story about how he built a team of 3 young children to circumnavigate the world on a yacht, he will also share the tactics, tips and strategies he deployed, to build this winning, achieving team. You will learn some fabulously useful and relevant tips and techniques, and have the opportunity, working with Caspar to develop your own strategy and approach to building your own winning, achieving and importantly, happy team.  

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Hear Caspar’s amazing and inspirational story! (it really is one to listen to!)  

  • Discover Caspar’s 8 steps to building a high performing and happy team 

  • Appreciate the importance that “deep listening” has in creating a healthy and positive environment

  • Learn techniques on how to stay up when you and the team are down

  • Take away some useful and easy to remember “one liners” that will guide your future approach to leading your team.

  • Begin to develop your own strategy for strengthening your team’s dynamics and culture

And if this isn’t enough, you can get some fantastic tips on sailing, navigating, fishing at sea, and find out where you can find the most amazing turquoise waters!

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