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Photo Hunts

Think of a regular board Snakes and Ladders. Imagine that the game-board is the city centre, game fields are virtual locations around you and game pieces are real people. Instead of throwing the dice, players answer a question or complete a challenge at every field they stop at.


In the race against time to beat your adversaries, all participants will work in teams to:

  • Search for clues and answer location specific questions.

  • Take photos and interact with locals

  • Complete active team challenges.

  • Have a load of fun whilst exploring the city!

Why not play this game as an onboarding experience for new employees in your company? Or test the value of this team building activity with your company, closer to home, before taking your team away on a company Off-Site?


There are many options and variables on how this experience can be of real value, simply Contact Us to learn more! 


Top 5 reasons why a Travel Out There Photo Hunt is an ideal Team Building Experience


1) We can run this game in any destination!


We already have games created in these destinations but we can create games in any city, town or even village at your request ;)


Travel Out There Trust Architects will manage all aspects of your engaging and remarkable experience. We will customise the game, in advance, and then coordinate the event on the day to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish!


We will ensure that everyone understands how to play the game during the briefing and be ‘on-call’ for guidance and support. What really makes this team-building experience stand out is the amount of information our events team has on hand to share with everyone during the awards ceremony!


2) Explore the city in a fun and interactive way!


This team-building experience is perfect for ending a workshop or training day since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and really helps facilitate to enhance communication and effective collaboration. The game is also a good way to get to know the key points of interest and 'must-see sights' in a fun and unusual way.


3) Engage all of your team in a great experience!


It is a great way for management to see how teams work together in a fun but challenging environment. We can brand the game with company logos and incorporate company-related questions and tasks to help develop key training objectives.  An example objective where the game serves very well is helping employees to engage with top management.  


3) Capture Entertaining images


Travel Out There will also award prizes for the best teams as well as log and record photos taken during the game.  The images captured during the game can be immediately presented on a projector after the game and then be shared as an excellent memento of your experience.


4) Save money on transfer costs


Our Photo Hunts also save money on transfer costs....typically we play the game to serve as a 'walking transfer' from a hotel to a restaurant.  The prize presentation can be given during the gala dinner or even at the designated finish point (normally a restaurant). We can TAILOR and CUSTOMISE this team-building experience to your exact needs, time schedules and branding. 


5) Incorporate a CSR element into your event.


One idea, that is very popular with our clients, is to play the game and transfer the points generated in the game in to hard cash for a charity of your choice.  This helps ensure all teams really play the game with a purpose. Click here to read more about incorporating a CSR Element into your experience. 


What's included:

Experienced Trust Architects on the day    

All tablets (based on 6 participants in a team) pre-loaded with your unique event

Prizes for each member of the winning team(s)

All expenses for events staff

There is an option to 'self-facilitate' the game - Contact Us for details.


For more detailed information about the game click here.

Activities we can include in your Tailored Team Building Experience

"Great teambuilding activity, very well organized. All participants had real fun and it was a nice way to discover Berlin. Peter, thanks again for the excellent job ! Really appreciated."

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