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Tbilisi, Georgia


Georgia Destination Management

Georgia is an amazing country full of natural wonders, an unique character and of course, the renowned Georgian hospitality. explore this unforgettable country and the magical Tbilisi. Georgia is also a new and exciting Meetings and Incentive destination and your conference here can easily be combined with activities and tours that will make your heart beat faster, full with excitement or completely opposite – will take you to a remote and untouched corner where you can forget about the city rush and simply relax

We have put together the ultimate Georgia Meetings and Incentives Guide, containing everything you need for a successful conference, gala dinner or corporate event in Georgia.

Meeting and Event venues in Tbilisi 

For 20 attendees: Conference halls of Marriott or Radisson

For 50 attendees: Yacht Club near Tbilisi sea

For 100 attendees: Training Center near Bazaleti Lake on the way to Stepantsminda

For 200 attendees: Funicular Restaurant in Tbilisi 

For 500 attendees: Philharmonic Hall in Tbilisi

Hotels in Tbilisi

1) Marriott Hotel, Tbilisi
Reason: It is located in the center of the city, close to cultural and social centers

2) Holiday Inn, Tbilisi
Reason: It is affordable, close to city center and represents high quality standards in service and accommodation

3) Rooms Hotel, Stepantsminda
Reason: Located in one of most beautiful areas of Georgia, in the spot above Stepantsminda village. It offers high quality accommodation and service, minimalistic design, and beautiful and wide views in Caucasus mountains


Restaurants in Tbilisi

1) Pur Pur, Tbilisi
Reason: Comfy and atmospheric design, good service, big choice of good quality wines. European cuisine

2) Restaurant in Rabati Fortress, close to Akhaltsikhe
Reason: Placed in Rabati Fortress, possibility of marveling ruins and reconstructed parts of 14th century fortress

3) Pheasant’s Tears
Reason: Located in city center, famous of its wine cellars and wine. Wine and cha-cha tasting available. Very good quality of meals and service. Comfy and traditional design interior

Banqueting venues in Georgia 

1) Ludis Moedani Restaurant, Tbilisi
Reason: Georgian dance and folk music performances every day, traditional Georgian cuisine and traditional Georgian design. Friendly and qualified service

2) Kopala, Tbilisi
Reason: Located in the centre, presenting wide and breath taking view to the Old City with terrace on the roof, high quality service, European design and cuisine

3) Georgian Night, Batumi
Reason: Located on the way to Batumi. Offering a wide range of activities e.g: learning how to make break, cook Georgian traditional food, dance Georgian traditional dances and much more

3 must see’s in Georgia

1) Narikhala Castle
Reason: Ancient fortress located on the mountain, in the City Center being easily accessible to include in the day tour

2) Gergeti Monastery, Stepantsminda
Reason: Located near Stepantsminda village at the height of 2170 meters above sea level, surrounded by Caucasus mountains

3) David Gareji Monastery
Reason: Easily accessible cave monastery complex, located on the border of Azerbaijan and surrounded by hills and deserts

Georgia incentive ideas and Team Building Activities

1) Helicopter tour around Stepantsminda
Reason: Possibility to rent Russian military helicopter or any other aircraft. Unforgettable view of the nature and the cold and inaccessible Caucasus mountains

2) Rafting on one of Georgia’s rivers
Reason: Could be part of wider choice of activities, assigned to team building or simply one day tour to Georgian forests or mountains, passing by ancient national heritage venues

3) Paragliding (up to 30 ppl) with 4×4 off road trip
Reason: Two extreme and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. We suggest you try in the mountainous and widely open areas, famous for its wild and bare nature

​Example small souvenirs / giveaways

1) Chapacha – Georgian national hat from Kazbegi region

2) A bottle of Georgian wine

3) Churchkhela – Georgian candy made of grape juice and nuts.

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