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Grow your ideas with the Right People in the Right Place & in the Right Way.

Your Turn Key Solution for Starting Up in Riga!

At RIGA OUT THERE have developed a HIGH VALUE network of talent and resources eager to help companies and entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey to accelerate forward. 

We can assist a company or entrepreneur wanting to get an insight into the business environment and exploring the possibility of investing in Riga.

Every month we organise a Riga Business Network event to help develop the ecosystem and drive more collaboration.

We can support by organising a tailored Riga site inspection and continued business development services including:

  • organising meetings with local business partners / mentors / industry professionals.

  • providing information & understanding of the business landscape in your particular sector.

  • setting up and registering your company in Latvia seamlessly using E-signatures. 

  • helping to find talent to develop your most valuable asset- your team.

Riga Out There has developed strong relationships with various associations & chambers of commerce in Riga and would be happy to save you time and value by making introductions of value for all.

These include;

  • Riga Business Network

  • the Start Up Association,

  • StartUp Wise Guys Acceleration Programmer

  • TechHub Riga

  • The Mill Riga

  • Teikums Coworking Space

  • Latvian Investment Agency

  • British Chamber of Commerce

  • American Chamber of Commerce

  • Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce

  • Riga Business School

  • Stockholm School of Ecconomics

  • Riga Technical University

  • Tech Chill

  • Digital Freedom Festival

Another option.....Innovation Retreat in Riga:

Company has become stale and struggling to innovate? A company retreat can be a catalyst for innovation…a change of environment and some extra input from our team of expert facilitators can help give your company the kick up the bum it badly needs.  Company Retreats provide the stage and opportunity to make pivotal strategic decisions for the company’s future growth.  Gaining commitment and ‘buy-in’ from all employees helps strengthen the team’s dedication to the cause and purpose. Click here fore more details.

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