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This team building activity is an alternative to our  TEAM COOKING  experience.  

Working in teams, each group will be provided all the materials and equipment to create a masterpiece. The guest graffiti artist will also introduce the range of materials and media available.
In order for the team to work harmoniously on their painting the team will need to communicate, co-operate and exchange ideas and information throughout the session.

You have the option to work on individual pieces of art as a team or to create one BIG PICTURE.

Split into teams, you will have to draw and paint your individual section of the masterpiece. However it is of uptmost importance to always consider that your piece of this massive jigsaw has to fit in with other team members to create the masterpiece.  
You can have the option to add a culinary team build lunch to the event and we can organise a professional photographer / videographer to record the experience.

Thank YOU and your team – I enjoyed dealing with you and will certainly recommend further. We had soo much fun with the graffiti workshop, it was great! And Thanks for arranging the rally, that was amazing!“

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