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Digital Detox

Disconnect to Reconnect 

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We have developed a Digital Detox Program designed for your team to spend some time to 'connect' and collaborate, with the assistance of a key trainer,  on strategic issues that aim to dramatically improve growth, profitability and other areas of company performance.  The impact of taking your team out of the normal working environment, in the great outdoors, really does help encourage a "think different & inspirational approach" in tackling some of challenges you may be facing as a company. 

The conference room will be replaced by natural setting (with bad weather provisions in place) and our key speakers and trainers will work with you to ensure your key objectives of the event are achieved.  Effectively they will training your team's 'reactions' to achieve your outcomes!  Dependent on your requirements and budget we can opt to swap the tents and open air conference room to a rural guest house.

Event + Reaction = Outcome


Complementing the Connect experience we then facilitate a disconnect experience – where all the participants have to leave their phones, tablets and computers in a designated place and enjoy being present. We guarantee you will come back as a fresher, more productive and creative team.


This is where the festival element of the Digital Detox is incorporated. We will tailor engaging and enjoyable connecting experiences into the programme to ensure your team get to strengthen and develop more meaningful relationships.  Hence, developing the culture of your organisation as a consequence.

We can incorporate some wellbeing activities such as yoga, meditation and creative workshops a into the programme as well as a remarkable fire walking experience.  Evening entertainment options include drum workshops, live music, guest speakers and team cooking workshops.

Disconnect to Reconnect!

Day 1

- Arrive at Guest House / Set up camp.

- Introduction / meetup / briefing

Team Cooking

- Night under the stars with entertainment

Day 2

- Meditation and Yoga

- Breakfast

- Meet Well Training in open air meeting space.

- Lunch 

- Golf Lesson

- Team Cooking

- Sauna and night under the stars with entertainment


Day 3

- Cold Water Exposure Experience

- Breakfast

- Meet Well Training in open air meeting space.

-- Lunch 

- Fire Walking Training

- Team Cooking

- Depart

Should you be interested in an experience that is more 'extreme' then we would suggest your leadership team embarking on a Survive and Thrive experience.

Combining the insights, trends and knowledge of a conference

   with the fun & connectivity of a festival

Key Learning Points

   •    Outdoor Real-Time Experience
   •    Reflecting on our relationship with digital technology. 
   •    Embracing creativity and mindfulness
   •    Committing to routines and habit Loops to hit goals
   •    Valuing personal interaction and offline relations



   •    Increased well-being
   •    Reevaluated relationship with digital technology
   •    Increased creativity and efficiency
   •    Enhanced team work and personal relations
   •    Increased morale and synergy for all teams
   •    Teams have experienced a trust and friend acceleration initiative that works!

You Will Receive
   •    English-speaking Event Manager
   •    Professional tuition from Instructors
   •    Tailored programme
   •    Food and bevrages
   •    All necessary equipment 
   •    Photo and video souvenir of the expedition.

Of course this is just a kick-start. In order to really beat the information overload you need a long-term plan, both as a company and in your private life. We can help to develop this with you during the Technology Detox program, specially suited to your company’s needs and routines.

But until then, why not start by trying out some info detox on your own.

Here are some great and simple tips from Lifehacks.

1. Switch off your phone when you get home from work.

2. Listen to music or read a novel on your way to and from work.

3. Don’t access Facebook and Twitter for one week.

4. Don’t read any material that is not uplifting and motivational.

5. Turn off all email notifications or any other social media messages.

6. Do not watch the television for one week.

7. No newspapers, online news or any other form of world news access.


Disconnect to Reconnnect


Please note we strongly recommend all participants during an Ozzarks Off-Site place their phone in our Treasure Chest under lock & key.  This allows all the team to truly disconnect to reconnect, helping create more meaningful relationships by communicating with purpose and without distractions. It also helps ensure everyone is 100% engaged during the strategic meetings and workshops.

During the programme we 'release' the phones to their owners for fixed periods - again this encourages a more balanced use of your mobile and working with increased productivity. It is amazing what you can achieve when not 'multi tasking' or you could say 'mental juggling'. 

IF you are worried about the not capturing those magic moments during the off site to share on your various online channels - no fear we have you covered. Our professional photo and film crew will document the whole experience for you.

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