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Ieva Saliņa is a teacher of Aktavio Lioss™ life lessons meditation since 2011.   Ieva helps create opportunities to make positive changes within oneself and improve the quality of life. Clear mind, positive thinking and harmonious Soul are the main pillars for creating a successful life.


Ieva offers meditation sessions as well as relaxation sessions workshops for clients on a group and individual basis. All workshops are designed to share knowledge and insights of human being and life in different fields – career, health, relationships, practical tips for daily life and relaxation with music. It is an opportunity for each participant to receive answers, be creative, to have time for their own well-being and realize their talents and strengths.

Ieva regularly travels around Europe to share these knowledge and powerful technqiue to all who are looking for solutions to achieve goals while developing within. Ieva published her first poetry book in 2012, later translated in to English in 2014. She believes that each person is a creator and there is a lot of strength in each of us, it is important to find time and know how to efficiently calm mind, learn to think what we need in our life, take care of our inner world, restore energy and inner balance.

Ieva speaks in Latvian, Russian, English and French.

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