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Belgrade Destination Management

Belgrade needs no introduction; the history of this capital is as chequered as they come but that is what gives this place its raw vibe. Expect friendly people, amazing food and superb value for your money. In recent years Belgrade has also seen a big upswing in business related travels and it is quickly becoming a popular destination for conferences and corporate events.

We have put together the ultimate Belgrade Meetings and Incentives guide containing everything you need for a successful conference, gala dinner or corporate event in Belgrade.

Click on the links for more info about venues and activities.

Meeting and Event venues in Belgrade

For 20 attendees: Townhouse 27

For 50 attendees: Guarnerius Art Center

For 100 attendees: Hotel Moskva 

For 200 attendees:  Ušće Tower

For 500 attendees: Madlenianum Opera

Conference Hotels in Belgrade

1)Life Design Hotel
Reason: Located in the center of Belgrade, reasonably priced and luxurious

2) Square Nine
Reason: Great location in the center of the city, top level service, excellent food and the hotel rates as one of the most luxurious in Belgrade.

3)Hyatt Hotel
Reason: 5 star hotel, first class service, big conference halls and one of the best hotels in Belgrade.


Restaurants in Belgrade suitable for a gala dinner

1)Tri Šešira
Reason: Located in Skadarlija, Belgrade’s charming bohemian quarter. Serbian traditional cuisine, live music and great atmosphere

2)Cantina de Frida
Reason: Amazing view right on the Danube river, great Argentinian cuisine, live music. The most popular restaurant in Belgrade

3) Kalemegdan Terrace
Reason: Situated on the Belgrade Fortress, central downtown location, spacious 5 star restaurant that can accommodate big groups


3 must see’s in Belgrade

1)Belgrade fortress and the Kalemegdan park
Reason: The Fortress is over 1500 year old and the surrounding park is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Belgrade, from where you have a great view of the confluence of the Sava and the Danube river

2)Saint Sava Temple
Reason: The biggest orthodox temple in Eastern Europe.

3)House of Flowers
Reason: The tomb of Tito, former president of Yugoslavia.

Belgrade incentive ideas

1)Interactive Sightseeing with Ipads
Reason: A unique, interactive and fun game and the perfect way to discover the city.

2)Bohemian Belgrade and Rakija tour
Reason: Discover the authentic charm of Belgrade and its bohemian atmosphere and try Rakija (local brandy made from fruit)

3)Cruising the Danube
Reason: Enjoy the beautiful view of Belgrade from the river. It is also possible to arrange dinners or parties on the boat.

​Example small souvenirs / giveaways

1) Miniature bottles of “Rakija” (Serbian traditional drink)

2) A “Opancici” key ring. (Serbian traditional shoes)

3) A small Winner statue souvenir, the symbol of Belgrade

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