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Our Team​ 


United to help people develop healthy phone habits collectively!

I have been building businesses since the age of 14 and it has taken me over 41 years on my entrepreneurial journey to find my purpose. 


Everyday I feel an urgency to help people overcome their phone addiction and address their condition. 

I want to help people become presently focused.

I am grounded and a hardcore hacker, and have the skills to build our truly remarkable product. Excited with the prospect of making our vision, a reality.

Technology overwhelms human weakness. I want to find a way that technology starts working for us again.

I want to help people develop healthy phone habits, collectively.

I love bringing people together, connecting their ideas and finding new opportunities, creating safe spaces for ideas and dialogue!


I am passionate about providing ways for people to connect with each other. In real life.


I want to help people disconnect to reconnect.

iSTAQ is lucky to be supported by other influential &  inspiring people

A talented photographer whose photos highlight the impact phone use has.

iSTAQ have been selected to be part of Overkill’s mentorship programme

Currently developing prototypes in partnership with RTU Design Factory.

Our Values


iSTAQ is more than phone storage device and application, iSTAQ is a new mindset based around three core values:


Passionate about actively listening to our community, partners, clients and with those we are closest to, both physically and emotionally.


Transparent in our actions and ideas, to help foster trust and respect in order to make better decisions, and to accept and delegate responsibility accordingly. By being honest and open with each other, we demonstrate our ability to grow and adopt creative approaches to situations (both challenges and opportunities) as they arise.


Entrepreneurial spirit to seek opportunities when most see impossibility. We are optimistic, with a can-do attitude, and demonstrate a willingness to learn from, and share, the highs, and lows with others.

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