Full Service Off-Sites

Embrace productivity and flexibility

Build trust within your remote or hybrid workforce by conducting a quarterly or annual off-site. We manage all of your travel, training and team building requirements. Carefully curated to motivate, inspire, and cultivate a company culture your remote team will not want to leave. 

Change your business for the better with a facilitated company off-site

Before embarking on an Off-Site, one of the Ozzarks Experts will guide you through the 5 STEP Plan, to have some clear and specific objectives in place.   

  • 100% agreement on the issues the company needs to tackle.

  • The need for change is legitimised and accountability shared.

  • An energised atmosphere of mutual cooperation.

  • Participants develop an enhanced awareness of their interdependency​

Some of the companies we have had the fortune to connect, communicate and collaborate with: